Head Trainer – David Fields

Dave FieldsMy name is David Fields and I want to invite your player (ages 9-18) to attend my hitting school. Im a certified Pro Hitting Coach, trained by Dave Hudgens, a Major League Hitting Coach for the Houston Astros.

2011 marks Coach Hudgens’ 33rd season as either a player, manager, coach or instructor in professional baseball and he is regarded as one of the top hitting coaches at the pro level. Dave was a full-scholarship player at Arizona State University, where he led the team to two consecutive College World Series. In 1977 Dave was voted All-American and all WAC, after leading the team to the College World Series Championship and leading the team in Home Runs and RBI’s!

I’ve worked with Coach Hugdens’ program since 2002, and have personally logged over 50 hours with him at his baseball facility in Phoenix, AZ. He taught me how to take the most complicated subject in sports down to a simple step by step understanding and performing all the mechanics of an “Elite” MLB swing.

My clients that have completed the first level of instruction have sent me very positive results from using this form of hitting, reporting a significant increase in batting average as well as hitting with more power.

The head coach of the women’s Georgia Bull Dogs softball team, Lu Harris, was a fellow attendee at Coach Hugdens’ training. She uses this system with her team, which has resulted in 10 straight NCAA Division I championship appearances.

Coach Hudgens states approximately 7 out of 10 kids nationally do not receive correct hitting instruction, resulting in little chance to advance past high school level of play.  Kids should receive proper instruction as early as possible to avoid development of bad habits, which result in incorrect muscle memory movements. I attended a 2011 Utah High School State championship baseball game, and observed only one player who was even close to performing the correct mechanics. One of the teams had two hitters at the top of line up doing a double stride (stride foot coming back then forward again), which resulted in timing being behind all game with the other teams pitchers throwing in the low 90s in speed. There is a reason no one in the MLB is doing that movement today. College or Pro scouts are not interested in batting averages or how many home runs a player post up–they are looking for mechanics that result in a short hand path with power driven from the lower body.  As noted above, proper training is best begun as young as possible. My program provides the most comprehensive instruction in Utah in proper hitting mechanics for an elite level hitter.

I’ve started a new program where I provide group instruction with an entire team, to ensure everyone (coaching staff, players, parents) is on the same page with the correct instruction and drills. I did this program with a Spanish Fork Super League Team, and the parents and coaches reported they have had a 100% improvement from last years hitting performance.
I was also invited to teach a group of 100 players from Tooele and Stansbury. I provided small group instruction (4-6 players), so all of them were able to complete the first level of instruction with individual attention.

I provide weekly group or private instruction; sessions are typically 60 minutes. I prefer to keep group instruction to 3-6 kids so I can ensure individual attention. I can arrange to meet you in my area of South Jordan, or instruct in your area at a local ball field.

Most kids will be off and running with the basic level instruction, within 6-8 weeks, assuming they do the daily assigned drills with proper form; these are the same drills Coach Hudgens uses with MLB hitters. The objective is to create new muscle memory, which requires a minimum of 2,000 repetitions. The most successful kids in this program have had significant parent involvement, with parents taking notes and/or video during training sessions, to be used as a reference at home to maintain instruction.  Parent(s) are encouraged to attend all sessions.

PHONE: 801-613-2287